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Our blog focuses on the care of one’s body and mind. We believe we  cannot have one without the other. In today’s life, it is hard to care for ourselves, yet it is so important. This modern life is filled with competition and the struggle to achieve the best.

Our raised levels of anxiety and depression is a testament to our new world. 


Positive Vibes.


The best part about Mind and Body is that we offer you advice on ways to care for yourself. Our blog will have guest posts by many.

Well-known psychologists will  frequently have post  and constructive advice.  Follow your favorite. 

Our site intends to help the readers with this as we aim to give details and tips for the care of body and mind in an easily readable blog.  Take care of yourselves. And know that we are not stand in for your doctor. If you need help seek professional advice and if you are in danger, call 911.

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We carry a range of e -planners to organize and keep life tidy. Playful, cheerful designs that you won’t find anywhere else. We have videos to learn meditation or to just learn to breathe better. And we will soon carry in depth meditation books. Stay tuned. All our products will be available for instant download.


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Racist Societies and Kids Behavior by Francis Madi

Racist Societies and Kids Behavior by Francis Madi

Racist Societies and Kids Behavior To what extent do racist societies affect the way children act? This question is raised by Coutee Cullen in his poem "Incident". Cullen claims that kids are influenced by the way society treats them. He also explains that a simple...

Spiritus Mundi

Spiritus Mundi

What is Spiritus Mundi - Heard the term lately?   The term Spiritus Mundi was used by WB Yeats in order to talk about the collective soul of the universe. He stated that the soul of the universe contains the memories of all time. Spiritus Mundi brought poets...

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