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Our blog focuses on the care of one’s body and mind. You cannot have one without the other. In today’s life, it is hard to care for ourselves, yet it is so important. This modern life is filled with competition and struggle to achieve for the best. Our raised levels of anxiety and depression is a testament to our new world

Not to mention the increase in unhealthy foods and industrialization has played a drastic effect on human health. In addition to this, our busy routines do not allow us any leisure or time for self-care.

Positive Vibes.


The best part about Mind and Body is that we offer you expert advice on ways to care for yourself. Our blog will have guest posts by nutrition experts.

Well known health experts including Laura, Roger, Emma and Mitch will visit frequently and post tips and helpful advices on all parts of health care. They will share their insight and talk about what’s good to eat. The readers can be provided with expert advice in brief posts.

Our site intends to help the readers with this as we aim to give details and tips for the care of body and mind in brief, easily readable blog. Mind and Body focuses on four main things: Healthy Diet, Weight Loss, Mental Health, Life in General

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We carry a range of e -planners to organize and keep life tidy. Playful, cheerful designs that you won’t find anywhere else. We have videos to learn meditation or to just learn to breathe better. And we will soon carry in depth meditation books. Stay tuned. All our products will be available for instant download.


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Stress-Free Beauty Tips During COVID-19

Stress-Free Beauty Tips During COVID-19

Skincare and makeup not only make you look good but also increase your positivity and confidence. Makeup is an art that allows women to freely express themselves. But during COVID-19 times, jobs are lost, salaries are cut, people are working from homes, and everyone’s...

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